Elder Holland! (3/16/15)

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3-9-15 zone conference

3-9-15 zone conference2 3-9-15 zone conference3

The visit from Elder Holland was great. You could feel the room change when he walked in. He used a personal mike and walked around the sacrement meeting room calling missionaries by name and asking quesitons, very personal.

I was very impressed with his teaching and his testimony. He taught completely by the spirit. I’m sure he had some things in mind to talk about but he just followed the spirit. At one point he said “how did I start talking about his?..well, I guess I was supposed to.” When he bore testimony he bore it with such a conviction that you just knew that he knew. When he spoke about the restoration or the future of the church it was as if he was explaining the law of gravity, he was absolutely sure of it, with out doubt.

There is a member here he teached a sign language class every tuesday in the chapel. We went last tuesday and there were 4 people, all non members, and apparently a lot more come. This member started them with the intention to teach other members sign language so that deaf people could join the church. We agreed to meet with him and learn, and help other members get excited. He says he knows a lot of deaf people who would be interested in the church, but he has nothing to offer them.

We made cafe rio pork this week. The first time since Ponce. So good!


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