General Conference (10-5-15)

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What a spiritual uplift from that session of General Conference. I’m beginning to see these men as they truly are, prophets and apostles of the Lord. As President Uchtdorf quoted Alma from his sermon in Zarahemla I realized that he, as well as the other general authorities, are today what Alma and Pual, and Peter were of old.

It was a good opportunity to meet together as a zone as well. We brought creamy italian chicken for lunch our on Sunday and everyone was impressed. We also got a new 2016 tungsten Chevy Cruz. It had a total of 12 miles on it when they gave is the key. General conference truly is better that Christmas here in the mission.

On Monday we met with some of the single members of the ward for a family home evening. We were in charge and we invited everyone to participate in a testimony meeting. I began with my own and Berlyn quickly followed with hers. It was such a sweet experience for me to hear her testify of the truth of this church, and how the spirit has touched her heart. Good people everywhere need this message and what it brings.

-Elder Jacob


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