Hayde (8-3-15)

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Hayde baptism
Hayde baptism

We had a second baptism in Levittown on Sunday! Her name is Hayde and the other two elders have been teaching her. She was planned to be baptized last week with Berlyn but she was still trying to quit smoking. We decided to wait one more week and talking with her this past Friday I could see that she was so spiritually prepared. It was a really neat experience to see how the Lord helps us reach the standards that He sets. The other elders had 7 investigators in church! The members are excited, now let’s see if we can get some references!

This week as a mission we completed our reading of the Book of Mormon, initiated by invitation of Elder Holland. To finish the reading we had a mission wide fast and testimony meeting yesterday. It’s interesting to see how much the mission has changed in my time here. It was so great to see Elder Brinkerhoff and Elder Colson and to talk with them!  It was almost amusing to hear Elder Colson tell me how he gets so frustrated when his new companion just doesn’t get it or is slow to learn or remember something. I wanted to tell him “now you know how I felt those 3 months together!” I talked with him about what president told me when I was with Elder Colson, our job as leaders is to take a missionary where they’re at and help them get just that much better. Baby steps.

-Elder Jacob


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