Levittown is great! (3/2/15)

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Acuaparque Apt. 24A Mailbox 63

Levittown, Toa Baja

PR 00949

I really like this new area and companionship and district and zone. My companion is E. Infante and we also live with DL Elder McGary and Elder Clark, both from Utah. They’re all great, I already knew the other two before coming here and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun in this house.

My companion is a funny guy and reminds me a lot of my MTC companion, I have to catch myself from calling him Elder Abankie.

Transfer day was crazy, I was named designated driver right of the bat and had to navegate down to Cayey and then back up and through the whole metro area. We only had a cheap tourist map with almost nothing on it. It was one way to shake out the cobwebs after more than a year of not driving. I managed with only a few close calls.

It’s been a really neat experience to teach with E. Infante this past week. Looking back on my mission, I’ve never really taught as an experienced missionary with another experienced missionary. I feel the spirit very strong and I feel like I’m able to organize my thoughts, recieve revelation, and follow the spirit better knowing that we both know what we need to teach.

I took a picture but I can’t get my camera to work for some reason on this computer.


Elder Jacob


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