MLC (5/11/15)

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This week we had MLC and we did it Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon. I ended up sweating my night through on the top bunk in a hot room, but it was all really really great. Especially the breakfast of Hna Boucher. We talked a lot more about leadership and specifics of the mission. We then held a District leader meeting with the sister leader trainers on Fri and gave them the same information. We have good District leaders, I’m really enjoying working with them.

This Thursday I held a baptismal interview for Arecibo and it was actually really special for me. I found out in the middle of the interview that I knew her son. Her son was in the same group as me arriving to the CCM and I remember him talking to me about his family who weren’t members. Before he left the CCM he actually gave me the phone number of his mom and dad and told me to call them if I was ever sent to Arecibo. He said she would cook for us and that we needed to baptize her. It was a very neat experience to be able to see her testimony and see how the mission of her son had had such an influence on her. He had to return home early because of knee problems and was able to baptize both his mom and dad this Friday. I consider in a tender mercy of the Lord to allow me to do that interview and have a glimpse at his divine designs.

We were also able to help a widow in the ward scrape and repaint her metal fence. It took a big chunk of the day and we didn’t even finish it all. After the service project I felt bad for wasting so much time, but then I realized that it wasn’t a waste of time what we did. I’m sure it meant a lot to that sister to have us there helping her.

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