MLC (6/8/15)

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We had MLC this week which was really great. It’s wierd, I’ve been in it long enough now to see it change and see people come and go. We talked about the sabbath day, and the Law of the fast. Two things that surprised me. Hna Boucher explained that the 1st presidency and the 12 have been fasting and praying to know what they can do to strengthen the faith of the members across the world, and they concluded on the sabbath and the law of the fast. One member of the 12 simply said, “The Lord has spoken.” It helped me to see things in a new light, I especially liked the talk by Elder Nelson from the last conference. I tried to treat my day and my fast yesterday a little more seriously.

The Lord taught me a lesson last night. We fasted breakfast to breakfast and were dead tired contacting around 7:30PM when a 17 year old kid rode by on a longboard and waved to us. We contacted him and ended up sitting down in a park and answering his questions and teaching about the restoration for an hour and a half. A was reading in D&C 82 where the Lord tells the missionaries to take neither purse nor script, that He would provide for them. Even when we are without strength, during the night on Sunday when everyone is watching TV, the Lord can still give us a new investigator. I need to recognize and act according to that more, that we really do so little in comparison to what He does and can do.

We also found a man named Roberto this week who told us that he has cancer and that he wants us to help him leave alcohol because he knows he’s killing himself with it. We’re just barely started to teach him, but if anything can help him it will be the restored gospel.

-Elder Jacob


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