Snow? (3/9/15)

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I guess the computers in this library block you from using any we’re going to have to figure something else out. Be excited for the pictures though, lets just say you don’t see snow very often in PR.

This week has been good. We had Missionary Leadership Council at the mission home on Tuesday and I only got pretty lost on the way there. Everytime I’ve driven since I’ve started driving I’ve gotten lost…

the meeting was really good and I learned a lot about teaching in the Lord’s way. On Friday we had a meeting with our district leaders to relay the same information and President and one of the assistents dicided to drop in on surprise. One of the Sister Leader Trainers in our zone was also just called this transfer, I think he wanted to see how his newbies were doing. the scout motto really payed off this time.

We have Elder Holland coming on Tuesday!! All of the missionaries in the island have to be there at 1:40 sharp. And guess whos in charge of making that happen. Let’s hope we don’t get lost!

Our area’s going well, I’ll give you some more details of the invistigators later, but we do have a couple of really good ones.

This house I’m in is great. E. McGary and I have already become really good friends and it’s great to be able to just talk with him about stuff.

_Elder Jacob


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