Spot It Family (7-20-15)

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Don Israel visiting our district meeting.
Don Israel visiting our district meeting.
 Elder Portillo and I on an exchange.
Elder Portillo and I on an exchange.

Our district meeting this week was one of the best I’ve had. Elder Hicken invited a recent convert from his last area to be with us and help us with teaching practices. Is story is really amazing. When he was in the army he promised God that if he would bring him home safe, he would serve him for the rest of his life. He was an elder in the Jehovah witness church for about 30 years but left because of some disagreements. Trying to serve God as best as he could he would preach in the streets with a microphone. He visited a lot of other churches but it wasn’t until he met the missionaries that he really felt like he had found the truth. He is a convert of only a couple of months but his testimony is so strong. Two things that I was able to take away from what he told us is that one, God is not far from us, and two, never tire, because Christ never did.

We’ve been working with the mother of a member for the past 9 weeks and she’s planning on being baptized this Saturday! It’s been really neat to see her change as we’ve taught her. She told us this last Sunday that she would spent the day upstairs crying because she was so sad and lonely. She’s lost her husband and two of her sons. She said that the 2nd time she went to church, sitting in the sacrament meeting she felt a peace come over her like she’d never felt before.

The family who we played spot it with also came to church for the 3rd time! They’re really shy, but we’ve been able to see them change as well little by little.

Yes, we’re still in drought. The lake has apparently reached emergency levels, so they’re likely to change rations to two or three days without, one day with.

-Elder Jacob


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