Transfers (9-21-15)

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Transfers came and it looks like I’m finishing the mission here in Levittown! I’m really exited to tell you the truth, I’ve really come to love the people here. Finishing up in November it will be 9 months here in this area, it’s starting to feel a little bit like home.

Also, Elder Brinkerhoff will now be in the zone so I’m going to be able to see him again!

We found a really great couple this week. I had felt like we should contact an area for awhile and we decided to go one night that we didn’t have anything planned. We ended up talking to a young guy who works as a policeman outside his house. We started talking and he began asking us a lot of questions as to what we believe, the organization of the church, us as missionaries, ect. We passed by again last night and taught him and his wife in their house. His wife commented that she had come to realize the lack of truth in a lot of the churches and the differences of opinion between them. We have an appointment with them again on Wednesday!

I got a cool Puerto Rican t shirt from the grandson of Rosita. I kept telling him that I liked it and he decided to give it to him. Yesterday I gave him my Batman shirt as a trade.

It has rained more, but we’re still in drought. One day with water, 2 days without. With the rain come the cockroaches.. good thing we’ve got a rubber band gun!

-Elder Jacob


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