Ward Mission Plan (10-12-15)

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We talked with Rosita and Ivette about repentance this week. It led to two different but good discussions. With Rosita, she told us that she didn’t know what she had done wrong to deserve the punishment of her trials. We talked about Mosiah 24 and how trails can bring us closer to God. With Ivette, she confessed that she holds a strong grudge against someone in her family that wronged her and that she can’t move on to baptism until she sets it right. In both cases we saw clear signs of conversion taking place. They both say that they know the church is true and that they want to be baptized.
Rosita needs to get married and she has her doctor appointment this wednesday. Ivette just needs to stop smoking. We’re so close!

We finally presented the Ward Mission Plan!!! As a ward we have a goal of three missionary invitations from every family every month. The plan includes a list of possible invitations that the members could extend. We had a combined third hour to do it. Bishop presented and explained it and then we had about half an hour to explain how to do invitations and follow ups and what we would do if they let us teach their friends. We then took some time to do practice and role plays. They wrote a list of 3 to 5 names, chose one and practiced with their neighbor extending and invitation. We asked them to share afterwards and we got 3 perfect examples. Everyone seemed pretty excited. I don’t think as members that we lack desire to participate in the missionary work, just understanding. Thinking back on my time before the mission, I’d extended invitations but I didn’t really know how to follow up on that or include the missionaries. It was really sweet for me to see our investigators that were there practicing how they would invite other friends and family members to listen to us.

We had MLC this week. My 8th and my last. I had the opportunity to give my testimony at the end to the other leaders. The next MLC will be a special one on the 31st. We’re going to receive the visit from Elder Cornish and Elder Christensen from the presidency of the seventy. We’re going to have a lunch with them as leaders and have the opportunity to ask them questions. What a great way to finish the mission!


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