Water (6/22/15)

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6-22-15 beautiful

We had our zone conference this week. It went well. I realized that our zone is really small, I think it’s the smallest in the mission actually. Our capacitation went well. We talked about bringing investigators to baptisms on an escalator vs on an elevator. Escalator is better. I explain later.

Carlos is progressing, he came to church this week, even shaved and everything. The members always get really excited when someone new comes, most of the lesson and comments during elders quorum were directed at him. Depending on the investigator it can be good or bad, but I think with Carlos and his personality it was really good.

I had an exchange with Elder Portillo this Friday, it was good to see him again.

6-22-15 water

I don’t know if you’ve heard but Puerto Rico is experiencing a drought. Here in the metro area they’ve begun to cut off everyone’s water. One day si, one day no. We pulled together all of the containers in our house and filled them up. We’ve been bathing ourselves with two liter bottles. It’s kind of fun, like camping. we’ll see how long before the rain comes. They might have to start cutting it for two days in a row if things don’t improve.

6-22-15 lizard

_Elder Jacob


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