Working (6/1/15)

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We found a good number of new investigators this week which was great. Elder Diaz and I are really starting to work together well. He’s been out 10 months.

In my mission I’ve become a really good listener, but I’ve also learned how to control a really good talker. There are some people that are just so happy to have someone actually listen to them that they’ll talk your ear off for 2 or 3 hours if you let them. I’ve had to learn how to control and limit that while still helping them feel loved and understood. It’s great for them to know we care, but they also need to understand how important our message is for them.

It’s interesting to see how similar the church organization is to the organization of a mission. This past ward council the 1st presidency had the bishops review segments for a church leadership meeting on the sabbath day and discuss how to implement it in their wards and families. Did Washington receive the same material? I felt like a missionary hearing from my district leader about something he learned in the Mission Leadership Council.

I family from my first ward in Ponce is now staying within our boundaries. I was happily surprised to see them at church yesterday. It’s been about a year since I’ve seen them.

-Elder Jacob


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